USB2.0 AV capture card(MT-UAV20)

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•U disk size, AV audio and video capture, easy to carry;
•Support USB2.0, 480M speed, support hot swap, support laptop
•Automatically adjust the screen size, the highest resolution can reach 720*576 (PAL system), 720*480 (NTSC) 32-bit true color
•Support external video analog signal, real-time acquisition and compression;
•The latest technology USB AUDIO, stereo input and output
•Image brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be customized
•It can capture high-quality dynamic and static pictures, and the pictures are collected smoothly and uninterrupted
•VIDEO (composite) video input terminal, you can watch video output from VCD, DVD, camcorder and other equipment on the computer
•Support multiple file formats: AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, JPG, BMP and other real-time compression formats, convenient for making VCD/SVCD/DVD
•Compatible with Windows XP Sp2 / Vista/windows 7 /windows 8/Windows 10, compatible with Direct8.1, 9.0
•Support 10bit video decoding and 16bit audio decoding;
•Built-in high-quality stereo Audio ADC does not need to record through sound card;
•Full-field noise reduction, anti-interlace display, completely eliminate picture glitches;
•Freely zoom the image window (4:3 or 16:9) or watch TV programs in full screen;
•Provide video playback and picture browsing functions;
•Support image capture function of BMP, JPG image format

•The design of MT-UAV20 USB capture has black color, small size, looks like a U-disk, easy for carrying. You can record digital TV signal on computer via input the TV set-top box signal to this USB capture. Built-in stereo Audio ADC., No need to record via sound card, support 10 bit video decode and 16 bit audio decode. •It has standard USB2.0 interface, the newest technology USB audio, stereo in and out, AV input interface. Can watch the video out by TV, VCR, VCD, DVD on computer.