VGA KVM Switch 2 in 1 out 1080P 60Hz with audio + power adapter

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•USB2.0 port, special with USB HUB function, supportany
•USB2.0 device
•VGA signal, audio, USB, can be used separately, Ifconnected to the power supply, simply connect the VGAinput source without USB, you can put the productas 2 or 4port VGA or audio switch
•Plug and play
•Vivid image quality: resolution up to 1920* 1440
•Bandwidth: 350MHz
•Non-software, you can select the host computer by button,desktop controller or hot key switch
•Beeper sound when switch
•LED indication
•Support automatic scanning, 3 seconds scan time

The VGA output of MT-0201VK KVM switch with audio supports DDC, it will auto-detect the best resolution of monitor. This item not only can switch video signal but also the audio. And the 2 port KVM switch has USB hub to connect multiple USB devices. You can control two computers by one set of keyboard, mouse and monitor. Provide convenience switching mode: push button, desktop controller, hot-key.
  • VGA signal, audio signal and USB signal can be used separarely, if connected to the power supply, connect the VGA input source without USB, you can put the product as 2 or 4 port VGA or audio switch.
  • Support DOS, Win10/98/98SE/2000/ME/XP, WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linux.
  • Resolution up to 1920*1440.
  • Band width:350MHz
  • Non-software, you can select the host computer by button, desktop controller or hotkey switch.
  • Beeper sound when switching
  • Led indication
  • Support automatic scanning, 3 seconds scan time.
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