LCD KVM Console over CAT6 8 port + 17 inch Monitor

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  • 17 inch monitor/mouse/keyboard/smart switch
  • Excellent video effect, the best resolution can reach 1280*1024, the external control terminal supports 1920X1080 60Hz
  • Support password protection and search PC server name
  • LED LCD screen automatic adjustment function
  • Support complete DDC2B function, can detect the screen model without switching the computer
  • Support simultaneous use of server input with built-in USB keyboard and mouse
  • Drawable installation design, the length can be adjusted to fit the rack space
  • No additional software is required, and it can be switched by panel buttons, hot keys, or OSD screen menu 98-key keyboard and TouchPAD touch sliding mouse
  • Support various server operating systems: Dos/Windows series, Linux, Unix, Mac OS 8.6/9/10, SUN Solaris 8/9
  • Using aluminum shell material, easy to install, light and portable design
  • Data only needs to be transmitted through standard (full-pin 24+5) DVI cable
  • Support automatic scan, the default scan time is 5 seconds
  • PC board and KVM connection cable within 0-100 meters, the best effect is 50 meters
  • Remark:Need to extend local video can purching MT-MS01.

MT-ViKI 1708MS 8 port LCD KVM Console VGA

The new combined LED KVM eliminates the drawbacks of traditional KVM, and the KVM module and the screen display operator can be easily separated from the rack tray. Installation can be done easily by one person, maintenance upgrade, only need to easily disassemble the KVM module or the screen display terminal, and it can be completed in 3 seconds. Since many parts are made of aluminum and foldable, transportation is very convenient. This series of KVM control platform has the characteristics of improved efficiency, simple use, easy management, cost saving, remote management, environmental protection and energy saving. Its height is 1U, and saves more than 85% of the cabinet’s use space. The aluminum shell is easy and convenient to carry in and out at any time, and has good anti-corrosion and heat dissipation functions.


  • All interfaces of this LED KVM switch are RJ45 interfaces with extension function, so the control distance is longer
  • With 17 inch screen, mouse, keyboard, and KVM switch
  • The resolution of built-in screen up to 1280*1024, and external display is up to 1920*1080@60Hz
  • Support password protection and search PC server name
  • LED screen auto-adjustment
  • Support DDC2B, can auto detect the model no. of screen
  • Built-in USB keyboard and mouse
  • Pull-out installation design, the length can be adjusted to fit the rack space
  • No software needed, switch with the panel button, hot-key, Ethernet or OSD menu
  • Built-in 98 keys and touch mouse
  • System support: Dos/ Windows series, Linux, Unix, Mac OS 8.6/ 9/ 10, SUN solaris 8/9
  • Support auto-scanning, default scanning interval is 5s
  • The distance between computer and KVM switch is up to 100m, 50m is best
Series Comparison(LCD KVM Console/Rack KVM Switch)
Model MT-1568UL MT-1708UL MT-1708UL-IP MT-1708MS MT-1716UL MT-17308HL MT-1908UL
Input port VGA*8 VGA*8 VGA*8 Cat6*8 VGA*16 HDMI*8 VGA*8
Resolution 1920*1080p 1280*1024 1280*1024 1280*1024 1280*1024 1920*1080p 1280*1024
Switch Mode OSD Menu, HOTKEY, Push button OSD Menu, HOTKEY, Push button Button+ Hotkey +OSD+IP control Button+ Hotkey +OSD Button+ Hotkey+OSD Menu OSD Menu, HOTKEY, Push button OSD Menu, HOTKEY, Push button
Dimension 15.6 inch 17 inch 17 inch 17 inch 17 inch 17.3 inch 19 inch


Support and Downloads

MT-1708MS User Manual.pdf