Wireless HDMI Extender 50m 1080P (Kit)

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•No software installation is required, plug and play.
•Long-distance transmission, the theoretical transmission distance can reach up to 50 meters.
•Dual-band Antenna, 2.4G+5.8G dual-channel, stable transmission.
•HD output can decode 4K video signal, the output frame rate is 1080P/60Hz.

  • Connect the HDMI port or VGA port of the receiver to the video input port of the display device such as the monitor or TV.
  • Connect the Micro USB power supply port of the receiver to the charging cable and plug it into the power adapter(Voltage above 5V, current above 2A)
  • Adjust the HDMI signal source of the monitor or TV to the corresponding HDMI port until the boot screen is displayed.
  • Connect the transmitter to the computer or other devices with HDMI video output function. After the indicator light enters the fast flash state, wait for ten seconds to complete casting.


Support and Downloads

MT-WX02 User Manual.pdf