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Military Command Center Solution

Military command centers are playing an increasingly important role in modern information warfare. The large screen of the military command center can quickly, quickly and accurately receive and display communications, early warnings and alarms in a high-definition manner, which can not only meet the needs of command and dispatch in emergencies during non-war periods, but also respond to wars and emergencies. Carry out large-scale, comprehensive event implementation command and dispatch, so as to achieve breakthroughs in space constraints and greatly improve the speed of wartime response, greatly improving the overall rapid response combat capability of the troops. MT-VIKI’s products are suitable for military command centers, which greatly improves the efficiency of military command and contributes to the cause of national defense.

Multimedia Teaching Classroom Solution

Education technology has developed rapidly and has become a key educational resource, making courses more personalized, collaborative and interactive. Educators use a variety of innovative technologies to improve teaching effectiveness, learning outcomes, and even expand the capabilities of institutional resources.MT-VIKI’s products have been widely applied to various multimedia teaching classrooms.

Multimedia Conference System Solution

With the continuous development of information technology, a modern multi-function meeting room should not only meet the traditional and simple meeting requirements, but also have elegant and elegant sound quality and clear image presentation. It consists of large-screen display, multimedia audio and video signal sources, audio, switching and central integrated control. The central integrated control device controls all the audio-visual equipment, signal switching, lighting, screen lifting, volume adjustment, etc. in the room, which greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting and simplifies the complex operation. It can be used by all people without professional knowledge. MT-VIKI’s audio and video products are suitable for any multimedia conference venues, providing convenience for the successfully running of corporate office and video conferences.